Get your home prepared in time for Christmas with Great British Home Lifts. Make your house a home again. Accessing different levels in your home can be somethingBritish often overlooked until it becomes a challenge. Many people are forced to leave their treasured home in exchange for an accessible property such as a bungalow. With Great British Home Lifts, you do not need to leave those memories behind. Not to mention the stress and expense moving into a new house can cause. Installing a home lift can be very easy and the most cost-effective answer to a dilemma many people face.


“According to which the average home can be up to £24,585”

“According to Yopa in a poll of 2000 UK homeowners 40% felt that moving home was the most nerve-wracking event britishof their life”

“According to National House Building Council in 1987 15% of new homes were built in bungalows, in 2017 this has dropped to only 2%”

moving costs

The price of moving home is over £6,000 (on average UK) and over £10,000 (on average in London), Bungalows are 16.3 percent more expensive of an equivalent house on more than one floor. These stats suggest that renovating to future-proof your family home could be the right choice for you or a family member who struggles with stairs. This sleek design and non-invasive infrastructure will add value to your home and help to uplift your day-to-day life.


As you can see here there are many benefits of owning your own lift. And adding style to your home. Each of our lifts comes with personalisation available. You can find a wide range of colour schemes available with our RAL colour chart. As well as the finer details that add the finishing touches to your home. Modifications can also be added so that you feel comfortable in your home lift.

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