The i-Lift

Great British Homelifts are proud to offer the i-Lift. The i-Lift is an exceptional example of British engineering, designed for comfort, quietness and your convenience. Handmade in the UK using only materials of the finest quality, it enhances properties of any size and style with its chic design and elegant lighting.

Manufacturing for over 50 years and proud designers of the first ever UK domestic home lift, you can be assured you are dealing with the best of British products. The designers, engineers and craftspeople produce lifts for every need and every situation.

Introduction to the i-Lift

The i-Lift radiates intelligence, from the intelligent design, to the intelligent engineering it opens up your home again and offers the easiest solution.

Created especially for the home, it is elegant and compact and will fit neatly into rooms of all sizes, practically anywhere you choose. It can even be custom made to suit your décor.

The i-Lift will future proof your home, so you don’t have to worry about the emotional stress and upheaval of moving to a new house.

Unlike a stair lift the i-Lift can add value to your property and is a more affordable solution than finding an alternative single storey house.

Improve your home with i-Lift

  • Preserve your independence in your own home
  • Affordable, stylish and unobtrusive
  • Quick, no mess, no fuss installation
  • ‘Quiet Glide’ system for the smoothest, most comfortable travel
  • Spacious cabin for one or two people
  • Simple to operate
  • Customised to your style